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Summer Math Practise

Summer-Sun-1-Summertime is here and school’s almost out! For students, it’s a time of rest, relaxation and spending time with family and friends. Not to mention probably watching loads of television, playing video and online games, having unlimited time for social media…parents soon start to worry about the resulting “brain drain” that can occur. How can we encourage children to practice and retain their math skills when all they really want to do is relax, play with friends and forget about studying? Summer learning loss is a real problem and can put students at a disadvantage when they head back to school in September. However, there are ways that parents can help their kids keep their brains sharp without making it boring and “academic” in nature.  By incorporating real-life problem solving activities into daily conversations you can encourage the development of mathematical thinking and application skills. This type of learning can happen anytime, whether it be while shopping at the grocery store or the mall, taking a walk downtown, or preparing a recipe. Let’s show our students and children that math IS everywhere!  Have a look at the following resources for further reading and ideas.

Growing a Summer Math Garden (Education World)

Everyday Math Lessons (Family Education)

Math Math Fun under the Sun (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics)

Summer Math Resource Bank (New Canaan PS E-Math)

Summer Activities (School District of Cheltenham Township)

Math AQ Subsidies available for teachers!

mathAQ-ABQ-button-enMath AQ Subsidies available!

Attention OCT Teachers! As an incentive for Ontario teachers to specialize in math, those who complete a Math AQ/ABQ/Honours Specialist course right now (as of April 2014) can receive $450 back from the Ministry of Education (through the Ontario Teachers’ Federation). The average course costs around $650 so that’s a huge savings! If you want to read more about why this is happening, check out this article.

Gap Closing Resources for Teachers!

Check out the EduGAINS Gap Closing resources for students who need more practise and support in mathematics.  These excellent resources were developed by Dr. Marian Small, who has also authored many wonderful professional learning resources such as the popular text “Making Math Meaningful” (2012, 2nd edition). Under “Number Sense Junior” you will be able to freely download teacher and student resources for eight modules that each assist in helping students improve a Number Sense skill.

In addition, the CLIPS and ePractice  tool allows access to complementary online activities in Fractions, Geometry, and Patterning. AMAZING!

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