Number Sense and Numeration

number sense

In addition to the resources below, be sure to check out the Guides to Effective Instruction listed under Teacher Resources. These will provide you with even more number sense activities which are aligned with Ontario curriculum expectations. Also, don’t forget about the Gap-Closing Resources to help make concepts clear for struggling students. Here’s an example of a Gap-Closing Student Book (Marian Small, 2010) about Comparing and Ordering Whole Numbers to 100 000 .

And…you must check out the CLIPS and ePractice activities for Fractions (

In addition, visit my Videos for Teachers links to find videos, created by the Ontario Ministry of Education, to assist with pedagogy and instruction. There are eight modules in total. Each module contains several videos featuring a teacher in action before, during and after the lesson (a three-part lesson). You can easily access them all here.

1. These activities complement the concepts featured in the modules related to the Number Sense strand.

Multiplication and Division



Fractions and Decimals

2.  University of Waterloo Invitations to Mathematics resources – main website (, The Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing (2010).

Comparing, Ordering Numbers and Estimation

Investigations in Number Sense and Estimation: “All Kinds of Numbers”, Grade 4

Investigations in Number Sense and Estimation: “Numbers at Work”, Grade 5

Investigations in Number Sense and Estimation: “All ‘Round Numbers”, Grade 6

3. Visit Tara Smith’s blog of number sense resources, including detailed lesson plans and activities in the topics below.

Rounding                    Estimation                    Addition and Subtraction

Multiplication and Division                            Understanding Fractions

4. Number Sense flashcards (Math Playground) – Great for struggling students or as mental math activities for the beginning of the school year.

5. – Animations of manipulatives (e.g., base ten blocks, number lines, counters) being used to solve mathematical problems. It’s a very useful site, especially if you want to model for students how they can use these in the classroom to solve a problem.

6. Multiplication Roll – A two player game

7. Multiplication Games – A list of games with descriptions each, along with accompanying materials.

8. Check out these Number Sense and Numeration (Grades 4-6) ready-made task cards! (Niagara Catholic District School Board, 2008)

9. Equivalent Fractions – Visual tasks for the Smartboard or individual student practice on a computer/laptop (

10. Order! Order! II – An online game – Order numbers in ascending or descending order, up to 1,000,000,000 (

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