Guides to Effective Instruction


The Guides to Effective Instruction (Ontario Ministry of Education) are invaluable resources for all Ontario teachers to be using in their classrooms. They contain fun and unique three-part lessons that encourage students to be good problem-solvers and to collaborate and communicate with their peers and family members. At the beginning of each Guide, teachers can also find a discussion of current research trends and theories relating to the concepts highlighted within the resource, complete with clear textual and visual descriptions and examples of the mathematical thinking and learning of each concept. These Guides are very helpful with unit and lesson planning! Hard copies should be available in every school but often other teachers have them or they may not be readily handy. That’s why I’ve compiled links to each one so you can have easy access to the Guides at home or at school when planning your lessons.

The Guides related to Grades 4-6 Mathematics are posted here for your convenience. These and many other excellent resources for teaching math are available at, an online lesson-planning portal created by the Ontario Ministry of Education.

Theory + Activities                                      Programming and Instruction

GuidetoEI Addition Subtraction                      K-6 Foundations of Math

GuidetoEI_Multiplication                                K-6 Basic Facts and Multidigit Computations

GuidetoEI_Division                                        K-6 Problem Solving and Communication

GuidetoEI_Decimal_Numbers                        K-6 Classroom Resources and Management

GuidetoEI_Fractions                                      K-6 Assessment and Home Connections

GuidetoEI_Data Mgmt & Prob

GuidetoEI_ Geometry & SS


GuidetoEI_Patt & Alg

GuidetoEI Big Ideas

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